Owhaoko A Lands Trust

The Owhaoko A East and A1B blocks are 6,958 hectares of mountainous land nestled between the Kaimanawa and Kaweka Forests in the central north island of New Zealand.

With steep hillsides draining into open alluvial terraces alongside the Ngaruroro River, these lands have nourished and provided for the people who lived and travelled through the area for hundreds of years.  The topography of the land has been affected by numerous volcanic eruptions over thousands of years. The highest point, Makokomiko, towering above the valleys at 1454m (4770 ft) above sea level.

There is a wide array of native plants across the lands, including a number of rare species. Mountain Beech and Manuka are abundant on the warmer hillsides, while red tussock thrives on the valley floors.

The Owhaoko lands are held in trust for the descendants of the indigenous Māori New Zealanders who lived on them.  As Māori, we consider ourselves guardians of the tāonga tuku iho (treasure) that is our land.  As effective guardians, we work for the benefit of future generations, leaving the land better than when we came to it. Sustainability is paramount and is deeply embedded in all we do.

Owhaoko A East and A1B Blocks Trust is a collective of trustees with goals to ensure productivity and benefits for future generations of landowners and their whanau (family).